WAIT WHAT? - Royals on Reddit Episode 28

September 23, 2016

Jimmy, Clark, and Nathan talk about stuff. And things.


THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE! - Royals on Reddit Episode 27

September 16, 2016

Nathan, Clark, and Jimmy put forth a valiant effort, which is more than the Royals can say over the course of the Oakland series.


LONG WAY TO THE TOP - Royals on Reddit Episode 26

September 2, 2016

Nathan, Clark, Cory, and Patrick discuss baseball as it has happened, baseball as it is, and baseball as it will be. With an extra dose of as it is mixed in for good measure.


MANTIS MONDAY - Royals on Reddit Episode 25

August 26, 2016

It's just another Mantis Monday. I wish it were Duff Day, 'Cause that's my fun day, My scoring all the runs day. It's just another Mantis (just another Mantis) just another Mantis Monday.


WE’RE GOING STREAKING! - Royals on Reddit Episode 24

August 19, 2016

Nathan, Clark, Cory, and Patrick discuss winning streaks, magical mantids, and solutions to future problems.


MANTIS BE PRAISED - Royals on Reddit Episode 23

August 12, 2016

Nathan, Jimmy, Cory, and Patrick discuss Rally Mantis, complete games, and questionable podcast topics.


WE (DON’T) WANT THE FUNK - Royals on Reddit 22

August 5, 2016

Clark, Cory and Patrick discuss the team that was the Kansas City Royals and what there is to look forward to this season. Ticket prices are explored.


WE COLONIZE THE NORTH - Royals on Reddit 21

July 29, 2016

Jimmy, Clark, and Nathan come to you live from Colony Espresso & Beer Bar in North KC (fun!), while Cory joins from his living room in Lee's Summit (eh).


KENDRYS GETS DEPORTED - Royals on Reddit Episode 20

July 22, 2016

We're back! Jimmy, Cory, and Nathan discuss the second half, visiting the White House, and the finer points of chips and salsa.