IS NOLAN RYAN BAPTIST??? - Balbnoi Watch Episode 6

April 14, 2017

Nathan, Jimmy, and Cory discuss the first week of the 2017 season, Nolan Ryan's religious leanings, and look ahead to the weekend series against the Los Angeles Mike Trouts of Anaheim of California of the United States.....


2017 OPENING DAY SPECIAL - Balboni Watch Episode 5.5

April 4, 2017

Surprise! Nathan, Clark, and Jimmy chat about Opening Day 2017.


I’M NOT DONE WITH OMAR! - Balboni Watch Episode 5

March 31, 2017

Nathan, Jimmy, and [redacted] discuss Opening Day hype, The Process (TM), and the finer points of the MODOT tag renewal system.


JIMMY GETS CLINGY - Balboni Watch Episode 4

March 24, 2017

Nathan, Cory, and Jimmy discuss injury scares, the impending 2B battle results, and Ian Kinsler's controversial World Baseball Classic remarks.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY - Balboni Watch Episode 3

March 10, 2017

Nathan, Clark, Jimmy, and Cory talk about spring training standouts, powdered cheese, and olive oil as a moisturizer.


ARE YOU VAPING? - Balboni Watch Episode 2

February 17, 2017

Nathan, Clark, and Cory talk pitchers and catchers reporting, free agent signings, position competitions, and more!


WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE - Balboni Watch Episode 1

January 27, 2017

Nathan, Clark, Cory, and Jimmy discuss the Danny Duffy extention, trading Jarrod Dyson, and the tragic passing of Yordano Ventura.


CHECK PLEASE - Royals on Reddit Episode 32

December 16, 2016

Clark, Cory, Patrick, and Nathan discuss Soler Power, early 2017 expectations, and Whale getting riggity riggity REKT on social media.


[clever attention getting title] - Royals on Reddit Episode 31

November 18, 2016

Clark, Nathan, Cory, and Patrick chat about our imminent doom. Thanks a lot, Cubs.


END OF THE LINE - Royals on Reddit Episode 30

October 7, 2016

In which the guys wrap up the 2016 Royals season, discuss the playoffs, and Cory casts shade on Baltimore in general.